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What is Evaporative Dry Eye?

A drawing in the sand in the shape of an eye, representing dry eyes

Dry eye syndrome is an eye condition with multiple causes and affects 1 in 5 adults. Dry eyes can occur from a deficiency or instability with the tear film, which is essential for maintaining eye health and comfort.  Dry eye syndrome is classified by the type of tear deficiency since dry eyes are usually caused […]

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What Vitamins Are Good for Dry Eyes?

A woman holding various vitamin supplements in the palm of her hand

Eye dryness is one of the more common eye problems that people experience. Several things can cause dry eyes or dry eye syndrome, including age, living in a dry environment, allergies, and eye strain.  Treatment solutions and lifestyle changes can reduce the discomfort associated with dry eyes. Proper nutrition and a healthy diet can help […]

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What is IPL Treatment?

A woman receiving IPL treatment

Are you tired of your eyes causing you constant discomfort because of the symptoms of dry eye disease? Are over-the-counter supplements and artificial tear solutions no longer effective? Traditional dry eye treatments, such as eye drops, artificial tears, hot compresses, and eyelid scrubs, aim to relieve symptoms rather than treat the underlying cause of the […]

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How Does Vision Therapy Work?

A young girl holding an occluder to her eye while performing vision tests

It can be difficult for a child to recognize issues in their vision. Because they often don’t have a comparable frame of reference, many children don’t realize their vision is “blurry” or “misaligned.” Many adults struggle with eye strain, headaches, and eye fatigue from their daily routine. With the increased need for screens and the […]

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We’re Expanding & Moving!

Locally owned Vision Care Center expanding and moving to new Peoria location Peoria, IL (March 19, 2021) – Vision Care Center – with locations in Peoria and Washington – is proud to announce its continued expansion by moving its Peoria headquarters location to a new, larger office building in Peoria. After nearly 20 years on […]

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