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Personalized Vision Solutions

Keratoconus can decrease vision quality, increase eye health risks, and introduce challenges for contact lens wear. With routine eye exams, we can help create personalized solutions for your vision needs.

Reach out today to see how we can help you see comfortably and protect your eye health.

What Is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is an eye disorder resulting from a thinning cornea, the clear, front center of the eye. Progressive thinning causes an irregular cone-like shape, so the cornea bulges outward and vision is distorted.

People are more likely to develop keratoconus if a close relative has the condition or they frequently rub their eyes (associated with eye allergies or connective tissue disorders). 

Solutions for Keratoconus

Keratoconus is a progressive condition causing blurred or distorted vision, sensitivity to light or glare, and eye redness or swelling. Although it usually affects both eyes, vision may differ significantly between eyes. 

During the early stages of development, glasses or contact lenses like scleral lenses can help improve vision. When more severe symptoms develop, patients may benefit from a surgical approach, such as corneal cross-linking or a corneal transplant.

We can keep an eye on your cornea health with routine eye exams and recommend appropriate treatment as your vision changes.

What are Scleral Lenses?

Standard contact lenses rest on the cornea. But people with keratoconus have an irregular cornea shape, making it difficult to fit a standard lens comfortably or support clearer vision.

Scleral contact lenses are larger in diameter and rest on the sclera (the white of the eye surrounding the cornea). The rigid gas permeable lens maintains its shape when you blink, providing sharper vision correction even with an irregular cornea.

Scleral lenses also offer improved oxygen and moisture, promoting healing of the eye’s surface. The moisture reservoir can also benefit patients with dry eye.

See Us for Keratoconus Treatment

Keratoconus can significantly impact your vision and eye health without treatment. We want to help you achieve healthier, comfortable vision. Visit us for regular eye exams so we can care for your corneas.

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To contact our Vision Therapy department, please call 309.670.2020 ext. 2, then choose Option #2 to be directed to VT.

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