Children’s Eye Exams in Peoria & Washington, IL

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Keep An Eye on Your Child’s Visual Needs

Children can grow up quickly, seemingly adding inches overnight. And, like learning to walk or talk, children experience visual development milestones at their own pace. Eye exams keep watch over how their eyes change and can help them receive the support they need to succeed. 

When making your child’s eye exam appointment, please call us directly and request Danielle. Our team at Vision Care Center is ready to support your child throughout their eye care journey, starting today when you book an appointment.

When Should Your Child Have an Eye Exam?

The American Optometric Association recommends at least one eye exam between ages 0–2 and between ages 3–5. Children ages 6–17 should receive annual eye exams to start every school year with healthy vision. 

Children may benefit from more frequent exams if they have a higher likelihood of eye problems or are receiving care for a condition, such as myopia control or vision therapy.

The Link Between Vision and Learning in Children

Vision is much more than seeing clearly. We use visual skills every day for focusing, balancing, and coordinating.

Up to 80% of classroom learning is visual. And 10% of children have vision problems significant enough to impact learning. Vision problems can also mimic symptoms of ADD or ADHD, leading to a misdiagnosis.

Eye exams assess multiple aspects of your child’s vision. By screening for more than visual acuity, we can detect problems affecting how they process visual information. Then, if a child is experiencing visual impairment, vision therapy can help them develop their visual skills.

Healthy Eyes & Sight Starts in Childhood

You want your child to experience the best in life. Supporting their visual development can help children see more of the world inside and outside the classroom. Book your child’s annual eye exam so we can help you watch over their changing eye care needs.

Our Locations


Find us just south of the Sheridan & Glen intersection, on the same side of the road as Marco’s Pizza and across the street from Walgreens.

To contact our Vision Therapy department, please call 309.670.2020 ext. 2, then choose Option #2 to be directed to VT.

  • 4727 N Sheridan Road
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You can find our office on North Cummings Lane, right next door to Rock Valley Physical Therapy. We offer plenty of parking in front of our clinic with accessible parking stalls.

To contact our Vision Therapy department, please call 309.670.2020 ext. 2, then choose Option #2 to be directed to VT.

  • 1009 North Cummings Lane
  • Washington, IL 61571
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