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What Are Ray-Ban Smart Glasses?

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Three pairs of Ray-Ban Meta Smart glasses next to each other: one frame is blue, one is black, and one is orange

Technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds, and our everyday gadgets are becoming more futuristic. Your glasses are no exception. EssilorLuxottica, the owner of Ray-Ban, has been paying attention to the changing trends, so they teamed up with Meta to launch the next generation of their Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses combine form with function by allowing wearers to record and livestream video and use the Meta AI conversation assistant

Our team is passionate about the future of eyewear, so we’re thrilled to explore this exciting step ahead in smart glasses technology.

Improving on Classic Ray-Ban Style

Ray-Ban’s first smart glasses were the Ray-Ban Stories in 2021, and Meta Platforms claim the new Meta smart glasses improve upon the former’s features and “elevate them” with exciting new capabilities.

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses come in 2 styles: the classic Wayfarer silhouette and the brand-new Headliner design. You can select from over 150 custom frame and lens combinations using the Ray-Ban Remix platform. And, of course, they’re prescription-lens compatible.

The overall weight of the glasses is reduced compared to the Stories, and Ray-Ban slimmed the Meta’s profile down to make them more comfortable on your face. Because they’re injecting tech into your frames, the glasses are now IPX4 water-resistant. This rating means they offer protection against water splashes typically experienced during workouts or in light rain.

You may not be able to dive into the pool, but you can hang out on the deck.

A man wearing Ray-Ban Meta Smart glasses

What Can Ray-Ban Meta Glasses Do?

With Ray-Ban Meta, you can quickly snap a photo or record a video clip from your point of view—keeping your hands free and your mind in the moment. This hands-free convenience is brought to you by the integrated Meta AI. Touted as Meta’s “advanced conversational assistant,” the Meta AI allows you to issue commands to your smart glasses by simply saying, “Hey, Meta.”

While still in beta, Meta AI can make calls, send texts, control your Ray-Ban features, or find answers to those burning questions without unlocking your phone. Recently, Meta rolled out an early-access beta that allows the AI feature to interpret what you see and respond to it, like translating a sign or identifying a plant. The results are somewhat mixed, which makes sense since it’s still in beta, but the possibilities are intriguing.

Currently, using just your voice, you can use the “send a photo” voice command to share photos directly with your contacts using Ray-Ban Meta’s ultra-wide 12 MP camera in the outer corner of each lens.

In addition to improved visual quality, the camera can record up to 60 seconds of 1080p video. You can even livestream your adventures to Instagram and Facebook—and keep up with the community comments on your phone screen. Meta AI can also read the comments, which is good because the speakers also got an upgrade.

Meta highlights the “custom-designed speakers,” claiming they can go 50% louder while offering twice the bass. The speakers sit on the arm tips and use directional audio, also improved from the original Stories, so you shouldn’t have to worry about bothering the people around you with your podcasts. For recording, they use a 5-microphone array to capture immersive sound, putting viewers in the middle of the experience.

Looking Inside Meta Smart Glasses

Ray-Ban has upgraded its processor with the Qualcomm Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 Platform, which allows higher-quality photos and videos with faster computing. The glasses connect to your phone using Bluetooth and the Meta View app, available in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

The glasses come with a carrying case that doubles as a charging case. If you have AirPods or similar wireless earbuds, you probably understand the concept. Meta says the smart glasses can get up to 36 hours of use when used with the charging case.

Are Ray-Ban Smart Glasses for Me?

While Meta and EssilorLuxottica have stepped up their game with their second generation of smart glasses, the lenses are still what you would find in traditional glasses. The future is fascinating, but you should visit your eye doctor for an updated prescription if you need vision correction.

If you’re heading out with the newest tech, let our team at Vision Care Center help you see the future clearly. Book your eye exam today, and let’s help your eyewear keep up with your life.

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