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Locally owned Vision Care Center expanding and moving to new Peoria location

Peoria, IL (March 19, 2021) – Vision Care Center – with locations in Peoria and Washington – is proud to announce its continued expansion by moving its Peoria headquarters location to a new, larger office building in Peoria.

After nearly 20 years on Glen Park Place, Vision Care Center is moving its Peoria office to a larger building on Sheridan Road.  The new address is 4727 N. Sheridan Road – just south of the Sheridan & Glen intersection, on the same side of the road as Marco’s Pizza and across the street from Walgreens.

Photo of the office on a sunny day with the road in front of it visible.

Vision Care Center will occupy the entire building allowing for more space, more services, and an expanded Vision Therapy department.

Dr. Roger Fitch established Vision Care Center in 1987 at its original location on Sheridan Road, near Main Street.  In 2002, he moved the practice to a more central location on Glen Park Place.  And now in 2021, the practice moves back to Sheridan Road, but only one mile from its former home on Glen Park Place.  The Vision Care Center Washington Office remains at its Cummings Lane location.

Approaching 35 years in business in Central Illinois, Vision Care Center remains committed to their mission statement to serve Central Illinois by providing the most complete eye care experience in a friendly, family atmosphere.

The new office location maintains its easily accessible, central location and allows for continued growth in the specialty areas of Vision Therapy, NeuroVision, Dry Eye, and Myopia Management.  Dr. Roger Fitch was joined by Dr. Ron Suarez in 1996 and by Dr. Timothy Cundiff in 2008.  These three Doctors of Optometry share a combined 99 years of providing eye care in Central Illinois!

Drs. Fitch, Cundiff, & Suarez
Drs. Fitch, Cundiff, & Suarez

For more information, contact Vision Care Center at 309.670.2020 or visit



Vision Care Center – Peoria Office

VCC is located at 4727 N. Sheridan Road, Peoria, IL 61614 (formerly 4900 N. Glen Park Place, Suite C). The practice was established by Dr. Roger Fitch in 1987. It is a premier office for eye care services which has grown over the past three decades.

The Mission Statement of the practice is: To serve Central Illinois by providing the most complete eye care experience in a friendly, family atmosphere.

VCC provides primary care optometry to patients of all ages – from eyeglasses and contact lenses to medical treatment for such eye diseases as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and dry eye syndrome. VCC provides emergency eyecare for eye injuries and infections (conjunctivitis, pink eye, etc.). VCC specializes in Vision Therapy – providing advanced visual training to patients with vision-related academic problems (convergence, tracking, accommodation problems and amblyopia – “lazy eye”) and NeuroVision Rehabilitation – specialized care to patients that have suffered from traumatic brain injuries (head trauma, stroke, concussion).

Vision Care Center – Washington Office

VCC opened the Washington Office in 2017.  This office is located at 1009 N. Cummings Lane, Washington, IL 61571.  VCC has continued to provide primary care optometry to patients of all ages – with specialty in contact lenses, particularly patients with challenging conditions (keratoconus, high astigmatism, etc).

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